Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day Ten - Spice Want's a Puppy, She Really Does!

It's Day Ten - already????? I swear this Christmas Break is flying by!

Have a safe New Year's Eve, everyone.

I borrowed the title of today's blog from my youngest daughter's favorite book, The Pigeon Wants A Puppy. It seems Spice took a liking to our lab puppy, Sunny. I hope Keith likes dogs! Ha Ha!

Savannah's plan today was to work on trotting at the same speed and loping at least a full circle with Spice. (Spice has a hard time with her right lead and will lope about half a circle before she breaks gait.)

The warm up- trotting:

Then into a lope.

More loping:

Pushing into a lope on Spice's sticky side:

Back to a trot:

Spice is doing great!! She would rather trot than lope and can keep up a nice pace. Savannah decided to take a break and walk through the washes.

Next, the barking, running, lab puppy obstacle.

OOHHH!! They're almost the same color! Sunny told me later that she would like a pony.......

After Spice sniffed Sunny, she wasn't concerned in the least with her.

Back through the wash:

Savannah set up the feed barrels into a barrel pattern and trotted Spice around it. Her leg cues are getting better each day.

Another successful lesson. Spice is tired and all too willing to stand tied, quietly!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Nine - Has it really been 9 days already???

Is Christmas Break almost over???? No, it can't be! We've been having so much fun.......

Spice is doing so well! She is so willing and smart and enjoys time with Savannah. Today Savannah and Spice worked on trotting at the same pace.

Spice has caught on to loping with a squeeze and kiss today. Yesterday it was a bit of a challenge but Spice caught on today! (Please ignore the Plywood Palace in the background. Long story short: previous owners built addition WITHOUT permits, property was eventually foreclosed, property sat empty for over a year, new owner purchased property in June, new owner having a heck of a time with Planning and Zoning to get proper permits.)

More loping:

To wrap up another sucessful day, Savannah and Spice worked on crossing bridges.
To the left:

To the right:

Check back tomorrow, I'm sure Savannah has something exciting planned.......

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day Eight - The Round Pen Is So Totally Yesterday!

Spice had a fabulous day! She has graduated out of the round pen and into the turnout.

Savannah is finding out that she is a bit lazy under saddle, but I think that is the best kind of trail horse to have!!!

Pushing Spice into a trot

Savannah had everything under control, so I thought I'd scrub water buckets. I'm pretty good at multi-tasking. Savannah thought it would be good to try a water obstacle. (I guess one can call 1" of water an obstacle!)

Spice wasn't so sure this was a good idea!

Just take a good look at it, Spice!

Spice trotting through the "water".

Sniffing it again

Trotting through again.........

A nice, calm walk through the wash

And the opposite side

After all of that fun, Savannah and Spice called it a day.

One tired and happy horse!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day Seven - Riding in the Turnout

It was a little chilly today! It's starting to feel like winter - yea!

Savannah has been getting Spice ready to ride in a bit the last few days and thought today would be a good time to start.

We started in the round pen so Savannah could get Spice used to the feeling. Spice did great, of course! She is very light in her mouth.

They worked on walking and trotting in the round pen.

Off to the turn out. I kept control of Spice's head and Savannah used cues to get Spice in a walk:

Then a trot:

And, YAHOO, a lope!!!

In both directions!

Savannah was comfortable enough on Spice for me to take off the lunge line. First they walked:

And then trotted!

All in all, it was a very sucessful lesson! Good job Savannah and Spice.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day Six - Spice's First Ride!

On Day Five, Savannah lunged Spice for her first ride (Day Six). I had a head cold and wasn't feeling up to taking pictures.

So today, Day Six, was Spice's First Ride! Spice's owner, Keith, came over to do the honors.

First, Savannah lunged Spice.

Next, we put Spice in the round pen and Keith worked on mounting half way.

He's up!! Keith worked on flexing Spice.

Then they went for a ride. Spice did great, like she was a pro! Keith did great, too!!

Now it's Savannah's turn. They worked on flexing and then they were off!

In a trot: (and notice the braided mane and tail!)

Working on trotting:

Still trotting:

Good job girls!! (And Keith!!)