Friday, January 1, 2010

Day Eleven - Savannah Tested, Owner Approved!

Happy New Year!!!! We had a great day with friends and family. Spice's owner, Keith, even came over today for a visit after a long trail ride with his other horse, Phoenix.

Phoenix and Spice saying hello.

Savannah showed Keith the progress they have made in the last few days, trotting:

And then loping:

Now it was Keith's turn to try!

Over the bridge to say hi to Phoenix again:

Rounding the barrel:

Over another bridge:

And back:

Keith got Spice into a nice little trot:

Then went for a lope:

And headed back to us:

I think Keith approves!!!! And please excuse the pink saddle pad and halter, Keith. Savannah thinks it looks cute on Spice. And besides, tough guys wear pink!

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