Friday, January 8, 2010

Spice - The Next Grand Prix Champion!

Today is the last day of Boot Camp for Spice. She might be relieved but I know she had a great time with Savannah. Savannah is a jumper at heart and thought it would be fun to show Spice how to pick up her feet over a jump. Granted the jump is 3" to 10" high, it's still good practice.

Trotting over a plastic water pipe:

Spice picked up her back feet pretty high in the beginning:
Then she figured out it was a small step over and did great!

I was out with Savannah riding my horse, Hollywood. We trotted around together and Spice kept a nice pace behind and in front of Hollywood. She wasn't concerned when I loped Hollywod and she had to stay off to the side and watch.
The rest of the pics are ear cams from Hollywood.
Still trotting over the pipe:

Savannah put the pipe up a bit higher. Guess what, Keith?.... Spice ground ties!

Hollywood was wondering if he was going to jump, too! He has convinced ME that he is a Quarter Horse through and through.....NO jumping for him!! But he hasn't convinced Savannah yet....

Trotting over the jump:

Spice knocked over the jump a few times. Each time Savannah got off, set up the jump again and tried again. Spice likes to watch Savannah work! Ha Ha!

Heading back to try again:

Spice did a HUGE step over with her back feet and knocked down half of the jump....

But she went into nice lope afterwards!!

Savannah and I called it a day on the next jump. Spice didn't make a HUGE step over and tried to remember where her back feet were. She did great today and is very willing to try.

Thanks to Keith for letting us borrow Spice! She is a very sweet girl and learned a ton!
Savannah's next Boot Camp Trainee is a beautiful bay mare named Luna. Check back late next week to meet her. See you then.....

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