Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Two - the Obstacle Clinic!

We hosted an Obstacle Clinic on Monday the 18th. It was a cold, rainy day but a few brave souls came out to play.

From the left, our trainer; Mary Sutherland, Savannah and Luna, Savannah's friend, Shawna and Summer, Melanie and DD and our own little Melanie and her pony Ginger. There were 3 other friends that came, too. But I they aren't pictured in the post; Kim with Dream, Lynn and Gabby. I can't remember the last two ladies horse's names. When I find out, I'll revise the post. (Sorry ladies!)

Oh, before I forget - Savannah wanted me to make sure I let Luna's owner, Susan, know that the halter and lead rope are FUSHIA not PINK!!!! (Susan hates pink - ha ha )

Savannah worked on backing Luna all the way across the bridge.
Walking forward:

And backing to the edge.

Luna didn't know what to think of the ball!

Walking over the jump without knocking it down:

Luna got a little frisky getting her back feet over the jump.

Luna wasn't too crazy about the flag. I think she likes green better.....

More torture with the flag......

Luna's okay with the flag on her rear - hum???

Get that thing away from my head!!!!

Is she ever going to stop?

After the clinic ended, Savannah decided to ride Luna for a bit. It was sprinkling on and off but the jump was all set up...........

Walking over the pole:

Uh oh! There's that darn ball again!

Walking through the poles: (Luna wasn't too crazy about all of that bending!)
Luna decided that she didn't like the pole touching her back feet so she picked them up pretty high!
Savannah got tired of setting the jump us so they just trotted around the turnout: (Foot position, Savannah!!!!)
Trotting around with her friend Shawna:
If I ignore the ball will it go away??
It started getting colder and windy so I went inside. The girls untacked and fed all of the horses for me. Thanks Girls!!!!
Check back for Day Three's adventures - it will be fun!

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  1. well now it does surprise me to see her annoyed at the flag on her head - when she was just a youngster we did a despooking clinic and she had a whole tarp draped over her head, and didn't care a lick... of course being in season may have made her cranky lol.