Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Three - Luna vs. the Halter

Today Luna learned a ton of stuff! She was very tuned into what Savannah was doing.

Savannah worked on trailer loading/unloading this morning. The sun was out and it stopped raining - yea!

Luna loading up:

And now backing up! Yes, Susan, she backed all the way from the third bay!!

Luna out of the trailer! Way to go Luna! Good job Savannah!

This afternoon, Savannah worked on catching Luna in the turnout. Luna did great in the round pen yesterday, so now it was time to do the hard work!!
Luna decided she could convince Savannah that it she wasn't going to be caught........

Luna running.....

Running more.....

And more......

Still running......

After 10 minutes of running around, Luna started looking for Savannah but she wouldn't stop running.

Off she goes!
She's still going!

Good thing I took Savannah to Starbuck's earlier!

I think Susan should cut back Luna's Starbuck's habbit!!

At this point Luna started looking at Savannah again. She was starting to get tired of the "try to catch me" game.

Success!!!! Luna turned and faced Savannah and STOPPED running.
I think she's tired!

I think Savannah's tired, too!
Savannah just stood facing Luna for a few minutes.

Next, Savannah walked closer to Luna and stopped for a few minutes.

Then Savannah walked all the way up to Luna and let Luna sniff the halter. Good job!!

Then Savannah walked away. Luna just stood there and watched her.

Savannah walked back to Luna and Luna took a few steps towards her.

Savannah walked away again.

Luna stood there and watched her walk away again.

Savannah took a 5 minute break and headed out to "catch" Luna again. Luna saw Savannah coming and took off running.

Luna ran 1 and 1/2 laps around the turnout and turned to face Savannah.
Savannah walked up to Luna:

Good job Luna!

Savannah put the halter on Luna......

Took the halter off and walked away.

Luna watched Savannah walk away and just stood there.

Luna started to walk towards Savannah.

Savannah threw the lead rope around Luna's neck....

And put Luna's halter on again.

Savannah led Luna a few steps and took the halter back off.

Luna watched Savannah walk away.
Savannah still walking away:

Luna walking towards Savannah:

Savannah headed over to me and Luna followed her.


Savannah walked away for a 5 minute break. When Luna got distracted with some hay in the blue bucket, Savannah walked towards Luna. Luna didn't even THINK about running. She turned to face Savannah:

Savannah walking towards Luna:

Good job Luna and Savannah!

Savannah put the halter on Luna again.....

And led her a few steps:

Then she took off the halter again. I think Luna likes the "halter game" better that the "catch me if you can game"!

Savannah called it a day. I think Luna has met her match! Check back tomorrow....Savannah will be working on catching Luna again and maybe some work under saddle........


  1. Tammy that is exactly what she does to me - but i don't "do" Starbucks so i get tired before she does in our acre turnout... and the hard part is that she doesn't do it every time, sometimes she stands there like nothing and i can walk up and put the halter right on. then the next time, OFF SHE GOES before i even get through the fence! guess i will have to work on my legs and lungs so i can keep going as long as Savannah does!

    nice to see her backing out of the trailer so well already! you will have to check my blog for pictures of the results of her leaping out on top of me the other day {sigh}

  2. Luna has figured out that squashing you is not her cup of tea. It's just easier to back out nicely. And heck, you're still going to ride her no matter how she gets out of the trailer so she might as well behave!