Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Four - Luna Wants To Be Caught???

Savannah worked on catching Luna again today. Luna saw Savannah coming and took off. Savannah is on the far right in the picture. You can barely see her....

She only ran across half of the yard and.....
Turned around towards Savannah

Savannah walked towards her and stopped.

Then she walked all the way up to Luna.

Good girl, Luna!!

Savannah haltered Luna and lead her a few steps..........

Then she took the halter off and left the turnout.

Luna watched Savannah leave and then investigated the feed bucket.

She was walking towards the fence to say "hi" to the neighbor's horse when.......

Savannah walked back into the turnout and towards Luna. Guess what Luna did???? She turned and faced Savannah, of course!!!!

Here comes Savannah again......

Good girl, Luna!!!

Savannah disengaging Luna without a halter:

She moved Luna half a circle on the right side.....

And then on the left side......

Good job, Luna!!!

Disengaging without the whip:

Savannah sent Luna off to "catch" her without using a whip and halter.

Savannah asked Luna to turn and face her and Luna said "Yes Ma'am!!!"

Luna turned, stopped and looked at Savannah!! She was in the middle of the turnout away from the fence! Way to go Savannah!!!

Savannah sent Luna off again. Luna trotted a small circle around Savannah and when Savannah asked Luna to turn and face her, Luna said "Yes Ma'am!!" again.

Savannah and Luna stayed still for a few minutes while Luna thought about what she had learned. Then Luna licked her lips and Savannah called it a day.
Luna is such a sweet girl and catches on very fast!!!!
Savannah wasn't able to ride today because the ground it too wet from yesterday's storm. It's supposed to rain like the dickens tonight and tomorrow. Let's hope the sun comes out so Savannah and Luna can continue their training!

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  1. if only i had time EVERY day to work with her, i know she would do much better. it's going a week or two at a time without being able to "remind" her that messes things up. darn work interferes with my real life!