Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Fourteen - We're Back......

Hey Everyone!!! We took the weekend off (horses, too!!) to enjoy the last of our Christmas Break. I have to admit it was really hard getting out of bed early this morning and feeding the animals. It was pretty cold out there!!!!

Savannah has decided that lime green is her new horse's color, so needless to say, she has puchased A LOT of lime green tack. She is still waiting for her leg wraps to arrive via Fed Ex but bought a new saddle pad over the weekend and was dying to try it out today. Since Spice was on the menu today, Spice got the first ride with a new saddle pad.

Little Ms. Spice was feeling a bit frisky today after having 2 days off so Savannah lunged her. After about 2 minutes, Spice decided it was too much work NOT to listen. I did get a pretty neat picture of Spice being naughty.......

After lunging, Savannah gave Spice a pat.

Trotting around:

Next was loping. Spice loped 2 circles today in both directions at a nice speed. She was pretty tired but did really well!
To the right:

To the left. Wrong lead Spice!!!

To the right again:

Spice will be going home this weekend so Savannah will be working on Spice's cruise control, some more backing and tying this week. I know Spice's owner, Keith, is looking forward to having her back, but we will miss her.
Check back tomorrow!!

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