Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Fifteen - Lime Green is the New Black......

It was another fun day here at Savannah's Boot Camp. Spice's owner, Keith, came over to ride Spice again. While we were waiting for Keith, my youngest daughter, Melanie, decided to give Spice a try. She thought Spice was "big feeling and had a long neck".

Savannah finally received her Fed Ex package filled with her new lime green tack. Here she is with her horse, Cowgirl, all decked out in lime green.....

Keith showed up and got to work!! Savannah wanted to see how Spice would react with another rider and horse. Spice did great and didn't get upset. Although, I think she was secretly jealous of Cowgirl's new tack!!

Next, Savannah and Keith worked on trotting together. Spice wanted to walk and not keep up but Keith kept her in a nice trot.

Savannah and Cowgirl are a bit speedy so Savannah had to slow down and wait for Keith and Spice.

Keith wanted to see Spice's reaction when he took her off the property so he walked her up the driveway and down the road they went!

I didn't hear from them for a few minutes so I went to the end of the driveway and saw Keith riding Spice back. Way to go Keith!!!! Spice did great!! The neighbor's dog barked and tried to run after Spice but Keith got Spice under control quickly and all was good.

Heading back to the turnout:

Following Savannah around a bit more. Keith was working on keeping Spice at a nice pace behind another horse.

Melanie is our official "cool down" kid. Here she is cooling down Cowgirl for big sister. Melanie thinks Cowgirl was "kinda tall and very sweet".

Next, Savannah helped Melanie cool down Cowgirl.

Keith going through the wash before we untacked the horses and fed everyone. Good job Keith and Spice!!

One last picture of the girls and Cowgirl. Awwww, aren' t they the greatest??

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