Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome Luna! Day One.......

Welcome back! Savannah and I thought it was time to re-name the blog. It's a twist on Ms. Manner's and the movie The School of Rock. This was the best we could come up with! If you have a better title, please post it.

Savannah has been looking forward to Luna's visit all week. The first horse Savannah rode was a bay mare with a star named Lone Star. She fell in love with her and it's become Savannah's dream horse. So, when Savannah heard that Luna was coming over she was excitied!!

Now Luna heard about all of the excitement happening over here and asked her mom, Susan, if she could come for a sleep over. Susan agreed and here she is!

Luna will be with us for a week. Savannah's goals this week are catching Luna in the turnout and backing out of the trailer.

We went on a nice day trail ride with Susan and a few friends today. It was a great day! Thanks for coming Susan!!!!

Without further's Luna!!!

Luna was feeling her oats and thought she needed to trot circles for a while. Savanah held on until Luna decided it would probably be less work to stop running!!!

WHEW!!! Okay, I think she's done!

After Luna relaxed, Savannah put her halter and lead rope on Luna. It has a few more knots on the nose band and a snap so Savannah has a little more control.

Savannah hanging out with Luna. Luna figuring out she could just stay in the same spot and relax.

Next Savannah worked on backing Luna. There was a lot of tail swishing going on.....

After Luna took a few steps she thought she was done. She pinned her ears when Savannah asked for more......

So, Savannah thought Luna needed to back a LOT more!

Next was backing through the wash. Luna was a little unsure but caught on really fast! Savannah started backing Luna at the bottom of the wash and up the other side.

She did it!!

All the way to the top of the wash! Yea!

Luna wasn't too sure backing up when her front feet were almost to the top of the wash.

She did it! Savannah backed Luna from the top of the wash, down it and up the back side. Good girl, Luna!!

More loving!

Next was backing on the bridge. One foot......

Two feet.........

Two feet together and relaxed!

Asking Luna to back more:

Try, Luna!

Half way on the bridge and relaxed!!
Just hanging out, being quiet.
Good girl, Luna! Savannah called it a day. Luna tried really hard backing on the bridge. It was hard work for Luna to think about where her feet were on the bridge. Savannah wanted to get Luna all the way across but decided to end this session on a positive note.
And of course, Luna got a spa treatment afterwards. Luna enjoyed getting fussed over!!! She fell asleep and Savannah had to wake her up for the picture! (You can see Susan's saddle outline from today's ride! Don't worry, Susan, Savannah cleaned Luna up and got all the sweat off her!)
Check back tomorrow for more of Luna's training. We are hosting an obstacle clinic and Savannah will be playing with Luna.


  1. wow Savannah, after Luna's ride (which was a whole 'nother schooling session!)she thought she was done, but had to go work a bunch more. that is SO good for her! boy do i recognize those nasty looks she is giving you too lol. ears back, head up and tail swishing means she is NOT a happy camper. luckily she is pretty sweet and forgives quickly and easily! she also soon learns if someone will not take any of her crap and then it's just a token to let you know but she gives in fairly soon! and it's obvious that you won't take any of her crap!! one thing i forgot to tell you is we use what we call the
    game show noise" when the horses are acting up so she knows that one - you know, that nasty buzzer sound when the player gets the wrong answer or runs out of time? just a stern "uuhh" or maybe "ernhh" - it's hard to spell a grunt!!

    hhhmmm, braids huh? i think that's a first for her as well! you can do whatever you like so long as it's not "permanent" - for instance, no bridle path please! because (a) i like the natural look and (b) i don't have time to maintain a bridle path and then they always have a mohawk {sigh} - but doesn't she have an awesome mane and tail! she would have an even longer tail but last year at the trainer's another mare chewed about 8 inches off the bottom before they noticed and moved her... i'm so glad they noticed, it would have broken my heart to see her lose that gorgeous tail!

    and Tammy i was not in the least worried that Savannah wouldn't finish my after-ride grooming job... Luna had to work pretty hard yesterday, "walking" (ha) next to and annoying different horses from time to time and worrying so much about where her buddy was and who HE was talking to! and i just didn't have time for the sweat to dry and brush her again since we were all loading up and heading home. and i was so thankful for all my friends who put up with her shenanigans so that she could learn it was ok to walk where MOM told her too. it was a good workout for both of us and i think we both did good!

    can't wait to see what is happening today with the obstacles. i think you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe even amazed at what does NOT scare my girl!

  2. forgot to say, LOVE THE NEW BLOG NAME! and, if you get comfortable on top of her, Luna does know how to jump - she did it all the time without a rider when she was ponied, and has done it with a rider a few times. in fact i will try to remember to share with you the picture i have of Lindsey jumping her at the Mormon Lake gymkhana last year...

  3. Uh.....I thought you said please DO a bridle path....and I thought a heart would be cute on her butt. will grow back.

    Oh well. Just kidding! Now go get some coffee and calm down.

    I'll post today's clinic tomorrow on the forum and on the blog.

    Love you!!!! Ha Ha!!!