Friday, January 22, 2010

Day Six - Catching Luna in the Herd

We're back!!!! We were under water on Day Five so Luna got the day off. She was in her stall all day and was ready to play today! Savannah and I checked the turnout to make sure there was good footing and thank goodness Savannah and my husband put sand down last year!!! We let all of the horses, Luna included, out to stretch their legs around 10 a.m.

Savannah and Luna reviewed trailer loading and unloading. Luna's an old pro at it now so Savannah went to work on catching Luna.

Savannah headed out after lunch when the sun peaked out from the clouds. Luna got a little frisky when Savannah tried to lunge (walking of course) her through the wash filled with water. Luna took one look at the water and took off. (The wash is right behind the blue feed bucket and in front of the dying tree.) Luna didn't go very far. She wanted to hang out near Hollywood.

Here is Savannah walking over to get Luna:

Savannah pointed to Hollywood to leave and Luna thought about leaving too. Then Savannah changed her mind!

Savannah caught Luna and went back to work.

Savannah walked Luna around the turnout and.....

Right back to the wash. Luna in front of the wash:

Luna in the wash:

Luna standing in the wash thinking it over. Cowgirl wanted to see what all of the fuss was about!

After a few circles in and out of the wash, Savannah flexed Luna at bit:

Then sent her off to catch her with the other horses around.

As soon as Luna realized Savannah was heading towards her, she turned around and faced her. Cowgirl follows Savannah everywhere and I think she needed a little scratching!

Savannah walked out of the turnout.

Cowgirl and Luna trotted around, playing and Savannah came back. Ginger decided she needed a good scratch, too!!

Savannah walked towards Luna and Luna faced her:

And walked right past Luna! Luna stood in the same spot.

Savannah walked past Luna again and Luna didn't budge!

Savannah walked past Luna AGAIN and Luna didn't budge! Notice the other horses are walking around.

Savannah walked past Luna again and Luna just stood there. Summer walked up to Luna for a little nuzzling.

Finally, Savannah walked up to Luna and haltered her.......

And then went for a little walk around the turnout.

Savannah has one more day with Luna, Saturday, and then Luna is heading home to show Susan what a good girl she is!!
Check back tomorrow for Luna's last day. Savannah will be working on more catching in the turn out. And I promise the pictures will be better and not include the fences and pool! Ugh! I can now say my many talents include taking pictures, cooking dinner and e-mailing while wrestling muddy flip flops at the door all at the same time!!

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