Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Seven - One More Clinic, Then You Can Go Home Luna!

Saturday was the last day of Luna's Boot Camp. Luna learned how to back out of a trailer, nicely, without stepping on Susan and how to be caught in a herd without running. Now, Susan might have to chase Luna around a bit at home to remind Luna that she WILL be caught but with a little caffeine, anything can be accomplished! (Susan, get that coffee brewing!)

Our friend and mentor trainer, Mary Sutherland, was holding a colt starting clinic in Suprise, Arizona. Savannah wanted to take Luna to the clinic before Luna went home. Here is Luna all dolled up, with glitter and mane clips on her way to the clinic.......

At the clinic, Savannah and Luna worked on backing up.

Nice job, Luna!

More backing up....

Not sure what Savannah is doing here, maybe backing again.

Savannah was working on desensitizing Luna's back legs and Luna thought it meant to pick up her feet!! Ha ha!

Luna trotting in a circle (she is sooooo pretty!)
Savannah was working on disengaging Luna but I thought "Spot" playing dead was so funny!!

Our friend, K was helping Savannah move Luna: (And Spot was just kidding around! He's fine!)

Luna getting a little frisky with Savannah: (Mary is the pretty blonde with the tan jacket)

K showing Savannah another way to move Luna. This time they were working on moving Luna's shoulders:

Is Luna stepping on my whip???

Another circle:

Walking over a bridge:

Good job, Luna!

Luna getting a break and some love:

Backing over poles:

Backing Luna's back feet and waiting

Now backing the rest of the way:

After a fun day at the clinic, we took Luna home. The first thing she did was check the feeder for a bite. Then it was off to say hi to Destiny.
Susan headed over to catch Luna and guess what??? Luna stood still like a good girl!!!

Susan led Luna a few steps and took her halter back off. The Susan tried it again and Luna didn't budge! Good job Luna!
I think Luna was glad to be home!!!!

Destiny checking to make sure Luna is okay:

One more good roll....

And she's up!

Jacob waiting in the back of our truck. He wanted to come home with us but Susan said no! I'll have to swing by for Jacob when Susan's at work and Randy's home........

Thank you Susan for giving Savannah the opportunity to work with Luna!!! They both had fun together and Luna learned a lot! I'm not sure Luna enjoyed her spa day, but if Savannah can get her hands on Luna again, she'll LEARN to like it!!!

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  1. too funny Tammy... and i would love for Jacob to go home with you but HE IS NOT MY DOG so i had to say no... we do have 4 chi pups for sale though ;) and two fuzzy mutts that need a home where they don't have to be outside all the time...

    Savannah, you did a FINE job and well have to put our thinking caps on to see who gets to come to boot camp next!